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February 01, 2017


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"I am interested in whether and how lay people and family caregivers who actively care for those approaching an untimely and painful death also have to square up their lived experience with their theoretical understanding on all sorts of issues, including assisted suicide or medically assisted death. Some of those lay people are bio-ethicists, which I find even more interesting."

My wife and I cared for my mother when she was dying. We hired a day nurse and did the night shift. It was not hard duty as there was no outside evidence of pain or distress. My mother did request a trip to Holland where assisted suicide was legal. I regret I did not terminate her with the prescribed morphine. Thank goodness the law is changing. I do understand the ethical problems as humans are susceptible to greed. Not much of an estate in my case to get greedy over.
Tell your husband to put your blog link highlighted on his blog. I have to search for it and therefore miss your wisdom on health issues.

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