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September 11, 2017


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First, we had the Mormons and the gangsters getting together to set up Las Vegas, Henderson, and Reno to service booming and overheated Long Beach, the economic friction-point of the Pacific War. The war over, they segued into a carefully market-differentiated courting of tourist trade.

Here the brilliant extension of the idea: what Nevada was to California, every First Nations reservation can be to any suburb with spare spondulix.

The ones with the fastest lawyers, the St. Regis Mohawks by a nose so far, seem to get to cherry-pick the suburb called Washington, D.C.

Somethin' about them thar Mohawks: their General Brandt took away one of the biggest profits made in the Revolutionary War even though he backed the losing side. His multi-trillion-dollar inheritance perks along nicely still today.

My friend the late Margaret Mead was wrong about so much, but she was at least plausible with her notion that the greatest brains in North America must be the aboriginals, who have survived the fiercest Darwinian screenings.

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