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July 04, 2018


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Thanks for that amazing post . So horrific . One may wonder , is it a rational thinking , or definitely irrational ? On one hand , when one calculates expenses , and reach conclusion that he can't afford certain service or product, he is by all means rational . On the other , if he resides in such distress and medical acute condition , and thinks of money , let alone let's say : 3 grand only , while is such agony and pain , needing emergency care ,well , one can definitely define it , as irrational thinking . So , what is all this ?? Such system is detached from people then . Putting people in such absurd situations or horrific modality of thinking . And indeed , it seems that many have tweeted on it , and there , many tried somehow to help her , while the system , designated for it , specialized for it , meant for it , is apparently not relevant . It must change then !! Unacceptable !!


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