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November 04, 2013


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I believe, understand, that counties have to provide long term care. I have a family member who is a centenarian, and exhausted all home equity, savings, etc. The county is continuing the long term care at a cost of $5000 a month!!

How long will counties be able to afford this payment?

I was surprised that you write that Medicare covers 90 days of rehabilitation in a nursing home. Actually it covers up to 100 days of "skilled" care after a minimum of a 3 day hospital stay, but no coverage for "custodial" care. Skilled care can include non-rehabilitative services also. However only 20 days of the nursing home stay are covered in full by Medicare, and if skilled care is no longer needed during a stay, Medicare will stop paying. Also there is a $148 coinsurance per day for days 21 - 100 in 2013 ($152.00 in 2014).

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