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August 02, 2019


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Pretty sad to read this. But beyond complicated ethical and legal issues arising here:

It seems that the patient is a philosopher. One may assume, that he has more cognitive and intellectual capacity, to conduct such research. But what if one person has low level of capacity for conducting such complicated research ( in terms of technological dimension, and intellectual as well ). The physician must diagnose it, and act in accordance. For otherwise, such patient, may reach very wrong conclusions, or not at all, or : become mentally very upset and disoriented. What then ? It would be considered as malpractice. Tort. Negligence. Some guidance must be performed here. Because, once illiterate or alike person, must get advises and guidance one must assume ,then, in accordance, one may argue, that must be implied as general standard, with no personal or personality differentiation.

P.S.: he could at least provide him, with some key words for search, right?


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