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November 10, 2016


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I am wondering about Trumps promise to repeal Obamacare. Are there potential reforms(improvements) that a liberal should support that could possibly be supported byRepublicans? Health care is so complex.


This is a big question. Maybe I'll blog on it at some point but, for now, I'll just make a few observations:

1. The two provisions of the ACA that appear to be on the "keep" list (permitting those up to 26 years of age to remain on their family's employer sponsored insurance and keeping the ban on pre-existing condition exclusions are undoubtably among the most popular provisions of the ACA but I'm not sure how many people realize how much the second is, in fact, related to a whole lot of other provisions that appear to be on the chopping block.
2. I would think that things like promoting payment system reform and maintaining the ACA's move to raising the standard for retroactive rescissions to require a showing of fraud or intent to deceive ought to have universal appeal. We'll see.
3. There are some topics in health care reform that did not make it into the ACA, as passed, that probably merit everyone's attention in the time of Republican-Style Health Care Reform: tort reform and prescription drug pricing come to mind. We'll see about these as well.

Thanks. It is pretty complicated. I am looking forward to Trump's proposal.

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